The Peace Place Climate Justice Group was formed by people involved in our Laudato Si’/Our Common Home series of talks during in Lent 2016.  It is committed to encouraging a local response to the issue of climate change. Its current focus is encouraging people to make sure climate change is an issue at the up-coming the local body elections.

A Climate Change Impacts chart can be viewed and downloaded here:  CC%20%20IMPACTS%20%20CHART.pdf

If you want to read Laudato Si’ (Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment) you can see the full text here:

See Cardinal John Dew interviewed about Laudato Si' here:

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If you want to learn more about the issue of climate change check out the following resources:



·          Hot Air: The politics of climate change in NZ (2014) directed by Alister Barry & Abi King-Jones.  The film can be viewed online at


·         Before the Flood (2016) with Leonardo DiCaprio.  This film can viewed online at

·         This Changes Everything (2015) directed by Avi Lewis based on the book by Naomi Klein.

·         Merchants of Doubt (2014) directed by Robert Kenner based on the book by Naomi Oreskes & Erik Conway.



·         Towards a Warmer World: what climate change will mean for New Zealand’s future by Veronika Meduna (2015). 

·         Time of Useful Consciousness by Ralph Chapman (2015).

·         Climate Change and Security – planning for the future edited by Jonathan Boston, Philip Nel, & Marjolein Righarts (2009).

·         Melting Point: New Zealand and the climate change crisis by Eric Dorfman (2008).

·         Carbon Neutral by 2020: how New Zealanders can tackle climate change edited by Niki Harre and Quentin D. Atkinson (2007).


·         This Changes Everything - Capitalism versus the climate by Naomi Klein (2014).

·         Living in a Warmer World – how a changing climate will affect our lives edited by Jim Salinger (2013).

·         Overheated – the human cost of climate change by Andrew Guzman (2013).

·         World on the Edge – how to prevent environmental and economic collapse by Lester Brown (2011).    

·         Requiem for a Species – why we resist the truth about climate change by Clive Hamilton (2010). 


·         The Royal Society - provides resources and information about climate change in New Zealand.

·         Generation Zero - a youth-led organisation, was founded with the central purpose of providing solutions for New Zealand to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities & independence from fossil fuels.

·         Ora Taiao: The NZ Climate and Health Council - health professionals calling for urgent and fair climate action - with real health gains now and for our future.

·         Wise Response is a broad coalition of academics, engineers, lawyers, artists, sportspeople etc who are calling on New Zealand’s Parliament to comprehensively assess imminent risks to NZ and to draw up plans to deal with them.

·         Catholic Climate Movement.

·       350 Aotearoa is the New Zealand arm of the international climate movement which aims to unite the world around climate change solutions. Their mission is to inspire climate action in communities across New Zealand.

·         Oxfam.

·         Greenpeace.

·         Coal Action Network.

·         Forest and Bird.

·         Ark in the Park - a partnership between Forest and Bird and the Auckland Council.It is a conservation project in northern New Zealand rain forest, at the Cascade Kauri Park in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. By controlling non-native pests and predators, we help restore the ecology of the area to its natural state.

·         C40 cities – a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change.

·         Transition Towns initiatives are part of a vibrant, international grassroots movement that brings people together to explore how we – as communities - can respond to the environmental, economic and social challenges arising from climate change, resource depletion and an economy based on growth.