• The Spirituality of Aging and Alzheimer’s Prevention By Patrick Doherty held on Thursday 4th August 2016.

-The handout from the evening can be found in PDF here: The%20Spirituality%20Of%20Aging%20Handout.pdf

-Those interested in further information may find the following webiste helpful:


  • Thoughts on St Dominic

In 2016 The Peace Place celebrated the 800th Jubilee of the Dominican Friars by hosting a series of talks on influential Dominicans.  On the 9th of June 2016 we hosted a panel discussion on the subject of St Dominic at which we invited some key people (one Dominican Friar, one Dominican Sister and one lay person) to share what St Dominic means to them.  

Two of the evening's speakers have provided copies of their talks for us to share online.

-The text of Sr Patricia Hannan OP's talk is available for download in PDF here:  My%20Dominic.pdf

-The text of Fr Kevin Toomey OP's talk is available for download in PDF here:  TALK%20FOR%20ST%20DOMINIC%20PEACE%20PLACE%209.6.16.pdf

  • Laudato Si'/Our Common Home - An Encyclical of Pope Francis

The following resources were developed by Patrick Doherty for the discussion group Living Laudato Si' which was held at The Peace Place on Thursday 19th November 2015.  He has graciously allowed us to share them with a wider audience via our website.

1. Some common themes of Laudato Si' (available for download in PDF)  Some%20common%20themes%20of%20Laudato%20Si.pdf

2. How can we help each other to live out the Encyclical? (available for download in PDF)  How%20can%20we%20help%20each%20other%20%20to%20live%20out%20the%20Encyclical.pdf

3. Tips to help us live the challenge of the encyclical in the future (available for download in PDF)  Tips%20.pdf

4. Prayers (available for download in PDF)  prayer.pdf